Who We Are

CA Silk

City Arts Newbury received charity status in June 2019 with Registered Charity Number: 1183770.
Below we present who the founders and trustees of City Arts Newbury are, all committed to creating a community arts hub that is accessible for all.


Founders of City Arts, Claire Struthers-Semple (left) and Isabel Carmona Andreu (right) have lived locally for over 17yrs .
Claire is passionate about the community, and building interactions between people of different ages through art.
Isabel  is an artist who enjoys sharing her skills with others and encouraging them to create art, in any shape or form.

City Arts Trustees


Diana Pattenden (left) is an sculptor passionate about the value of art as a means of expression and enjoyment.
Shirley Jarvill (middle left) is interested in local community projects and enjoys contributing to their fundraising initiatives.
Catherine Pick (middle right), a former local councillor, is focused and motivated to get community involvement on local projects.
Lone Hudson (right), an architect and ceramic artist, she likes sharing her passion for design and precise artworks.


We have a team of regular volunteers that help us with events and specific tasks.

What We Do

We run quality art workshops, courses and events for all ages and abilities. We also hold Exhibitions and Arts & Crafts Fairs.

Our Community Events include, Chalkfest, Applefest,  & Community Days.

In 2017, we started our Fundraising Project to convert a former Wesleyan Chapel and Sunday School, into a community-orientated Art-Hub, with a Gallery, Café and Workshop Space – for beginners to experienced artists, old and young alike…

At present, we’re open throughout March to December, whenever a workshop, event or course is running. For more info and to get involved, check out our ‘What’s On’ page and drop-down Menu or Contact Us.

Part of our commitment to the community, is our ethos regarding equality and inclusion – this is reflected in the work City Arts is involved in, and why our fundraising is so important:

  • We support vulnerable youths in the community, by providing community work for them
  • We run £1 & Free Events: Chalkfest ~ Applefest  ~ Mandala Day ~ Graffiti Mural Competition ~ Wall Hanging Day
  • We offer a (low-income) payment plan for all of our workshops & courses
  • We provide a space for local artists, craftspeople and students to exhibit their work
  • We work with people encouraging communication through art and creativity
  • We work with and support local, independent small businesses