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Steam-Fix Silk Painting with Helen Mortimer

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16665522_619148858276842_626010177442572235_o.jpg21 April 2017

Time: 10am to 1pm

Learn the art of silk painting, using the steam-fixing method, with artist Helen Mortimer …
During the workshop, you will be using the technique of steam-fixing with silk dyes – giving your finished painting vibrant colours.

As well as stretching silk onto a frame, you will also learn how to use dyes & salt on your fabric.

You will then have the opportunity to create an initial piece, using a floral theme, or one of your own ideas.

Finally, you will design a landscape of your choice, ready to be steam-fixed.

Age: Adults
Cost: £35 (all materials included)

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Experimental Flowers in Watercolours with Isabel Carmona

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16665013_619177884940606_1375396617873814633_o.jpg22 & 23 April 2017

Time each day: 10am to 3pm

Learn to be expressive with watercolour and try out various ways of approaching the beautiful subject of flowers, with artist Isabel Carmona

During this two-day workshop, you will experiment with markmaking, colour and layering of the paint. This is an exciting opportunity to explore different tools and ways of applying paint to paper.

No previous experience needed.

Age: Adults
Cost: £120 (concessions £100 – email for more info)

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Layered Lino-Printing with Karen Carter

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16708746_619156144942780_2984068977783903066_n.jpg25 April 2017

Time: 10am to 4pm

This is a fun and relaxed workshop with artist Karen Carter

During the workshop, you will be using a combination of lino, polystyrene and high-density foam to create unique layered prints.

Simple instruction on making plates will be followed by time to experiment with inking and layering, using water-based inks, rollers & spoons.

This is a process you can easily replicate at home with a minimum of specialist equipment.

No experience needed – lots of step-by-step demos.

Age: Adults
Cost: £38 all materials included

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Design, Create & Frame for Adults with Bonni Southey

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16681758_622459481279113_795086581693567998_n.jpg29 or 30  April 2017

One day workshop.
Time: 10am to 2pm

Welcome to Bonni’s Art World!

Bonni says: “I am Bonni Southey -mother, health practitioner, teacher, truth activist, deep thinker, intuitive artist…….someone who loves to creatively transform people, places and situations, from imbalanced to balanced.
Trained initially as a fashion designer and illustrator, expressing a love of textiles and a ‘magpie’s eye’ – it is now the more therapeutic world of the healing potential of colour which tends to draw my professional interest.
This impulse gives birth to the ‘Design, Create, Frame Workshops’ which I facilitate. They are designed to unleash the creative potential within each of us and to nourish the soul.”

The workshops are fun, relaxed, empowering and bring a meditative qualityto the time spent creating the beautiful, finished artworks.

During the workshop you will plan your design, working with a wide range of materials and fabrics. You will then create your frame with Bonni’s guidance and tips for a great outcome.

Please feel free to bring along any special materials/ words you would like to add to your frame.

Cost: £35 (all materials included)
Age: Adults

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Ceramic Wall Hanging with Clare Mahoney

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CeramicWallHanging27 May 2017

Time: 10am to 2pm

Clare Mahoney is a Ceramic Artist, working with surface – breaking up 2D space, abstracting natural forms and fauna, to produce images that strive to capture a twisted tendril or fragile leaf…

The pieces you will be making are wall-mounted ceramic sculptures. The techniques of printmaking are used to illustrate the designs, creating a feeling of layers and elements collaged together.

Clare says: “I love the medium of clay, its impressionability and earthy quality, opening a fresh bag of porcelain never ceases to excite me. “

The Workshop Process:
~ Part of the workshop is a walk, where we collect materials
~ You will make a clay mould of plants, flowers and fauna.
~ You will use the process of ‘press mould porcelain’

We make a plaster and Cornish stone cast of the clay mould. The cast dries quickly and can be taken home that day.

Age: Adults
Cost: £25 (all materials included)

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Exploration of the Portrait: 6wk Course with Isabel Carmona

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1, 8, 15, 29 June, 6 & 13 July 2017

Course dates: Thursdays 10am to 12:30pm

Join Artist Isabel Carmona for this relaxed and fun 6wk course, exploring the many ways you can create a portrait.

Find different ways of portraying people, ourselves or others, using various media including:
~ pen
~ pencil
~ watercolour
~ marker pen

Lose the fear of not doing it right. We will seek expression, fun, loose lines, tone and colour.

You will receive a City Arts Drawing Pack , including sketchbook and pens, to collect your portraits – and other materials needed will be provided for the class.

Age: Adults
Cost: £180 (concessions £150 and payment plan available)

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Kitchen Sink Litho Printing with Karen Carter

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16998159_626827640842297_9177781857732052605_n2 June 2017

Time: 10am to 4pm

A printmaking workshop for people who love drawing!

We will be working on tin foil ‘plates’ developed with coca-cola. We will also use gum arabic to transfer photocopies of drawn images – bring your own or use those provided by the tutor.

You will be able to produce a series of prints from each process using a simple dessert spoon to transfer the image!

Age: Adults
Cost: £35 all materials included

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