Past Exhibitions

Sophie Bridgland

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Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd September

11am – 3pm each day


Private View: Friday 21st September, 6pm – 8pm

All Welcome & Free Entry


Sophie is a seventeen year old student, studying A’level Art. She will be joining City Arts for her first public exhibition.

‘I paint a combination of acrylic and mixed media canvas paintings, inspired by the beauty of nature. While each painting may seem very random and unrelated to each other, they all come from a place of freedom and experimentation, where I have allowed myself to paint whatever image comes to my mind. My inspiration usually comes after I start the painting, when the colours and brush strokes begin to develop. One thing I love about the variety of my artwork, is that everyone has such a unique preference when it comes to what they like, and each artwork will stand out to someone above the rest.’

‘I have been creative all throughout my childhood, leading up to my first canvas painting that I painted at 11 years old. Since then I have continued to paint on canvas, as well as create other forms of artwork regularly, building up a collection that shows my progress and changing style. Each artwork is very personal to me, and represents so much more than what it depicts. I have also painted gift cards and framed artwork, which can be viewed on my website’

Free Entry


Petra Giede-Barnes, Lorna Goldsmith & Lone Hudson, Shirley Cartey

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Private View: Friday 7th September, 6pm – 8pm

Exhibition: Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th September

11am – 4pm each day


Free Entry


Focusing on organic shapes and colour, Shirley, Petra, Lone and Lorna all explore the natural in different ways.

This exhibition showcases unique artwork that embraces a diversity of media that is highly tactile in the use of structure and texture

Whether using wood, paint, clay or textiles, the pieces have been developed by each maker with the aim of drawing out the feeling of the material at their disposal to create a sense of scale, tension and harmony through abstraction.

With sensitivity to the processes of their disciplines, the artists explore how the balance between shape and colour, texture and simplification can reveal new statements and give renewed value to natural things: shifting atmospheres based on the animal, the organic, and the effects of weather and environment.



Shaw House Watercolours


Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th June

11am – 3pm each day

This exhibition will present watercolour views done on location by participants during the course “Challenge Yourself – Watercolour Painting on location at Shaw House” with Isabel Carmona.

The above course is held at Shaw House in May/June 2018 (for info on that course contact Shaw House direct:email:

Free Entry




Open Studios 2018


Saturday 12th May – Sunday 3rd June 2018

Sat and Sun each weekend, 11am – 5pm

Private View: TBC

As part of West Berkshire and North Hampshire Open Studios, City Arts welcomes artists

Susan Hubbard (mosaic artist and painter)

Kirstie Dedman (printmaker)

Lister Holt (painter)

Ben Honisett (digital artist)

Helen Peake (mixed media)

Amanda Siegert (stained glass)

They will all be showing their latest work, so come in, browse and talk with the artists about their artwork, inspiration and techniques.

Free Entry





Caroline Moore

A collection of abstract paintings

~ Private View: Friday 27th October, 6pm – 8pm

~ Exhibition: Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th October 2017

~ 11am – 3pm

~ Free Entry

I create fluid acrylic abstract pieces using various acrylic pouring techniques to achieve vibrant pieces on canvas or on vinyl records (without ever using a paint brush!). I started my fluid painting journey in October 2016 and I relish the freedom it brings to combine an element of art, chemistry and chaos! I also love the way everyone sees something different in my work!

Fluid acrylic painting is deeply therapeutic for me. I started for 2 reasons – the first was a way of releasing stress, as in order to achieve good results there must be an element of letting the universe take over the painting, but it has taken some time to get the results to the level where I am happy to share my work. The second reason is that my Mother was an Artist who created amazing classical pieces. While I was growing up I used to watch her turn a blank canvas or block of clay into something amazing and wishing I could do the same, but in my own way. I believe I have now found a form of art I can really fall in love with as I get as much from it as I give!

Each one was an absolute pleasure to create, and is unique and is created using high quality materials. I am happy to offer customised work in any size, or to suit any palette



Stephenson Singleton


A collection of work from 1940’s – 1970’s

~ Private View: Friday 6th October, 6pm – 8pm

~ Exhibition: Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th October 2017, 11am – 3pm

Monday 9th – Thursday 12th Oct (by appointment only)

City Arts is proud to present Stephenson Singleton’s collection to the public, for the first time.

A fascinating body of work, dating from the 1940s, created in a variety of mediums. Stephenson’s drawings and paintings are a rare collection, which have been stored for decades, since his death in 1985.

Born in 1895, Stephenson’s early life was brutal and lonely, creating a young man who was at odds with society and its conventions. This ultimately led to the creation of a dynamic, startling and challenging

Stephenson’s artwork addresses a variety of topics, from politics to colonialism, the male condition to the sacred feminine, childhood and the onset of aging… with over 200 pieces in his collection there is something for everyone!

Monday 9th – Thursday 12th is by private appointment only – please contact us for further details.

**All artworks will be for sale, with all proceeds going to the City Arts Refurbishment Project**

Private View: please email or call for an invitation
Tel: 01635 45449



Newbury Art Collective

Newbury Art Collective

Presenting 12 Artists under one roof – showcasing many different talents and styles.

Isabel Carmona
Ben Honisett
Libby Dee
Lorna Goldsmith
Emma Green
Susan Hubbard
Christine Lack
Wendy Lloyd
Jon Mansfield
Sarah Moorcroft
Kate Steele
Gavin Wilkinson

Come and visit the artists over the 3 days…
Friday 14th/ Saturday 15th/ Sunday 16th July
Open 10am to 6pm each day.

Private View: Saturday 15 from 6.30 to 8.30pm



Open Studios 2017

New Phototastic Collage

~ Private View: Friday 12th May, 6pm – 7.30pm

~ Exhibition: Saturday 29th April – Sunday 21st May

~ 11am – 5pm

~ Free Entry

Artists Ben Honisett, Bonni Southey & Lorna Goldsmith will be exhibiting their work at City Arts this year, as part of Open Studios 2017.