Makeup Masterclass for Halloween

This year, we have the pleasure of professional face painter, Sunny Montague joining us for a Halloween Face Painting Masterclass. During the workshop, Sunny will be teaching 4 separate designs, including Harley Quinn and a Day of the Dead Sugar Skull.

This is an accredited makeup course for adults and teens, who will not only learn all the techniques, but also H&S, equipment  and hygiene. To top it all off, students will receive a certificate at the end of the course.

Halloween Makeup Masterclass with Sunny Faces


Tuesday 23rd October, 10am – 2pm

This incredible ‘Halloween Make-up Masterclass’ will give attendees the opportunity to learn all about professional make-up application.
During the session, Sunny will teach 4 separate designs, including Sugar Skull and Harley-Quinn.
During the class, you will practice on one another, so this is perfect for friends and family to do together (remaining make-up can be taken home at the end of the session).
This workshop will cover H&S, techniques, equipment and hygiene and is also H&S Accredited, meaning attendees will RECEIVE A CERTIFICATE at the end of the day!
You will also learn:
Choice of paints
hygiene essentials
loading and using sponges
Loading and using liner brush
Loading and using round brush
Loading and using round brush for double dip technique
Age: 10+, Teens & Adults
Cost: £30 (all materials inlcuded)
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