How to Book a Workshop or Course

Here at City Arts Newbury, we offer a unique and varied range of Workshops, Courses, Events and Community Days to get involved with.

We have something for everyone, regardless of age or ability and we pride ourselves on our unique space and welcoming vibe, where you can meet like-minded people and learn a new skill or brush-up on an old one!


*Ways to Pay*

We offer a number of ways to pay including, our secure, online payment system GoCardless, also by cheque, cash or bank transfer. You can also order one of our personalised Gift Vouchers, perfect for any occasion.


Please Note: all Courses & Workshops must be paid in advance.


*Instalment Payment Plan*

We also offer an Instalment Payment Plan, through our online payment system GoCardless, where you can pay weekly or monthly for a workshop or course. Just email us, let us know what you’d love to study and we’ll organise a Direct Debit with you – it’s as simple as that!


*To Book, Just Email Us: