Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

Sophie Bridgland

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Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd September

11am – 3pm each day


Private View: Friday 21st September, 6pm – 8pm

All Welcome & Free Entry


Sophie is a seventeen year old student, studying A’level Art. She will be joining City Arts for her first public exhibition.

‘I paint a combination of acrylic and mixed media canvas paintings, inspired by the beauty of nature. While each painting may seem very random and unrelated to each other, they all come from a place of freedom and experimentation, where I have allowed myself to paint whatever image comes to my mind. My inspiration usually comes after I start the painting, when the colours and brush strokes begin to develop. One thing I love about the variety of my artwork, is that everyone has such a unique preference when it comes to what they like, and each artwork will stand out to someone above the rest.’

‘I have been creative all throughout my childhood, leading up to my first canvas painting that I painted at 11 years old. Since then I have continued to paint on canvas, as well as create other forms of artwork regularly, building up a collection that shows my progress and changing style. Each artwork is very personal to me, and represents so much more than what it depicts. I have also painted gift cards and framed artwork, which can be viewed on my website’

Free Entry