April 2018

Manga Drawing 5wk Course: Intro for Kids with Donna Lewis

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Saturday Mornings: 31 March & 7, 14, 21, 28 April

10am – 12pm

This five-week intro course will cover Manga drawing, techniques and specialist equipment. 

This course is for beginners and children with experience of drawing. 

Each week, we will focus on different features and characters, and apply them to your work-in-progress. 

In the final week, you will create a hand-drawn storyboard, using all of the elements and skills you have acquired during the course.

Cost: £100 (including Drawing Kit)
Age: 10yrs+ (unsupervised)

To Book: info@cityartsnewbury.co.uk


Aboriginal Animal Dot Painting with Donna Lewis

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Wednesday 4th April, 10am – 1pm

Using the contemporary dot painting style, from the desert regions of Australia, children will learn about and create a painting of the Aboriginal Dreamtime and the totemic animals and lands which inspire these beautiful, abstract paintings. 

Children will be taken step-by-step through the process of making a dot painting, whilst learning how to use the different mark-making tools for this technique.

Cost: £12 (including all materials)
Age: 10yrs+ (unsupervised)

To Book: info@cityartsnewbury.co.uk

Make Your Own Phone or Tablet Case with Andrea Lechner

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Thursday 5th April, 11am – 1pm

The aim of this workshop is to learn how to use patchwork and quilting techniques to create a case for a mobile phone or tablet. 

During the time provided the attendees will select fabrics, assemble three layers, sew them together and apply some decorative quilting to the outside. 

You will finish your project by binding the case and if desired, adding a popper for extra safety. 

Cost: £15 (including all materials)
Age: Teens

To Book: info@cityartsnewbury.co.uk

Coptic Book Binding with Isabel Carmona

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Sunday 8th April, 10am – 3pm

Learn to make a beautiful book from scratch with a great design cover and a traditional sewing technique, that enables the book to open completely for sketching and writing comfortably. 

We provide all materials to make two books, one A6 size and one A5 size book, and there will be a choice of papers (watercolour or cartridge).

Cost: £60 (all materials included)
Age: Adults

To Book: info@cityartsnewbury.co.uk

Jigsaw Tree for Toddlers with Donna Lewis

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Monday 9th April, 10am – 12pm

A fun and creative colouring, painting and sticking workshop, for toddlers and adults to do together, with artist Donna Lewis.
During the workshop, you will be shown a quick demonstration and then provided with all the materials you need to create a Jigsaw Tree with your toddler.
There will be lots of materials for your toddler to explore and experiment with, including: felt, paper, card jigsaw pieces, pipe cleaners, chunky pens, glue and little insects!
This workshop is designed to encourage your toddler’s fine motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination and self confidence – as well as getting messy and having fun!
Dress for mess and bring baby wipes!
Cost: £6 (including all materials)
Age: Universal/ Toddlers/ Kids (supervised)
To Book: info@cityartsnewbury.co.uk

Kid’s Craft Session with Sarah Moorcroft

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sarah kids craft sessions

Tuesday 10th April, 10am – 12pm




This crafty session is designed to encourage and build your child’s imagination. Have fun doing something different together, exploring, making and being creative with artist, Sarah Moorcroft.
There will be a selection of activities to choose from – you and your child can spend time engaging in all or some of them.
~ Blow Painting
~ Galaxy jars
~ Multicoloured Filters
~ Glue Boards
Parents and carers must remain with their child at all times, and dress for mess!
Cost: £6 (all materials included)
Age: Universal (supervised)
To Book: info@cityartsnewbury.co.uk

Digital Photography Day for Teens with Donna Lewis

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Donna Lewis Kellner Grid

Wednesday 11th April, 10am – 3pm

Spend the day learning how to use your digital camera confidently and creatively, with professional photographer, Donna Lewis.
This fun and challenging workshop will be part theory / part practical.
Teens will learn about their camera settings and how to use them to strengthen composition, focusing and aesthetic skills, as well as produce exciting and dynamic photos.
Please note: We will be going out on location, in Newbury, so your teen needs to be able to follow instructions safely and appropriately.
You will need to bring your own digital camera, any camera will do – from a point & shoot to a DSLR.
(no camera phones)
Cost: £40
Age: Teens (unsupervised)
Bring Lunch and dress for the weather!
*To Book:
Email: info@cityartsnewbury.co.uk
Tel: 01635 45449