August 2020 update

It is with great relief that City Arts Newbury is looking to restart organising a few workshops and events. In August, Chalkfest 2020 has been reconfigured to take place @Home, chalking the drives and pavements of our homes. There are also a couple of outdoor painting workshops one for adults and one for teenagers coming up in August.

From June to August, we have initiated a first refurbishment phase of our building that will see the roof of the old chapel re-roofed, insulated and opened up to views of the sky with rooflights.

Our programme of events at City Arts will resume in September with workshops and classes that we are busy organising now, keep an eye on the website! We will do this safely and following closely the government advice with regards to social distancing and precautions to minimise the spread of the virus. 

To that effect we have carried out a risk assessment and will implement its resulting measures, reducing attendees numbers, avoiding the sharing of materials and asking participants to bring their own face coverings for times where distancing may be more difficult.

It is a new situation we are all in but we will make our workshops as welcoming as before.