Layered Lino Printing with Karen Carter


Friday 14th September, 10am – 4pm

This is a fun, experimental printing workshop, using a combination of lino, polystyrene and high-density foam we will create unique layered prints. 

Simple instruction on making plates will be followed by time to experiment with inking and layering using water-based inks, rollers & spoons. 

This is a process you can easily replicate at home with a minimum of specialist equipment. 

No experience needed, lots of step-by-step demos.”

Check out Karen’s work here:

Age: Adults
Cost: £45 (discount available 2for£80)

*Offer: Book 2 (£45) printing workshops and get £10 discount, includes: Lino Made Easy, The Drawn Print/ Layered Relief/ Dry Point Etching/ Acrylic & Mixed Media/ Printing for Xmas.

Note from the Artist:
“Please bring inspiration / source material / sketches – we will be working on A5 size lino although this can be cut into different formats if your designs are square / long thin etc. The tutor will also bring some designs that you may like to work from. Wear
old clothes or bring an apron!”

**To Book:

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