August 2017

Watercolour Short Course with Kevin Skully

Monday 21st, Tuesday 22nd & Wednesday 23rd August, 10am – 4pm

WC 2

During this 3 day watercolour course, with Kevin Skully, you will look at ways in which watercolour can be used in a loose and expressive way.

The ultimate goal is to create paintings devoid of unnecessary detail, that make an artistic statement using lively brushwork, executed with as little fuss as possible, whilst still putting into practice the basic, necessary watercolour techniques.

A workshop for all levels of experience.

Age: Adults
Cost: £150 (all materials included)

**To Book Your Place, Email:

Markmaking for Textiles with Lorna Goldsmith

Friday 25th August, 10am – 4pm

Collage 2017-07-04 21_26_56

Delve into the world of materials and mark-making with Lorna Goldsmith.

A workshop to develop surfaces on paper and textiles using free, intuitive and expressive mark making.

Prepare paper and textiles to work into pictures in any style you like. You will be introduced to different techniques to develop simple folded books and images, and prepare fabrics for further work.

All materials will be made available, but feel free to bring special papers or fabrics to work with.

All levels welcome.

Age: Adults
Cost: £40 (all materiasl included)

**To Book Your Place, Email:


Indigo Shibori Dyeing Weekend with Jane Cannon

Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th August, 10am – 4pm

Collage 2017-07-04 21_50_40

Discover the timeless art of Shibori Cloth Dyeing with Indigo.

This is a unique and exciting weekend, with artist Jane Cannon. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the indigo dyeing process, as well as the broad range of shibori designs.

This almost magical process turns the cloth from its original colour to bright green, and then with the air to a gorgeous rich blue.

Explore the Japanese Shibori designs to create beautiful patterns and shapes in the clothe.

A scarf is included in the cost of the workshop, however, feel free to bring along your own materials to experiment with.

Cost: £60 (including all materials)

**To Book Your Place, Email:

Textured Ceramic Pebble Making with Clare Mahoney

Tuesday 29th August, 10am – 2pm

x1 place left!!


After the huge success of her Ceramic Wall Hanging workshop, Clare Mahoney is back at City Arts with Ceramic Pebble Making!!

Pebble making plays with that lovely feeling of holding a tactile object in the palm of the hand.

We will use the process of handbuilding and explore low-relief sculptural surfaces and press molding.

During the workshop, we will use plants and flowers for our pebble designs, and create a cast before placing it into a pre-made mould.

You will make approx. 3 pebbles during the workshop and they will need to be kiln-fired.

Age: Adults, Teens & 12yrs+ (unsupervised)
Cost: £40 (all materials included)

**To Book Your Place, Email:


Intro to Screenprinting for Kids with Libby Dee

Wednesday 30th August, 10am – 1pm & 2pm – 5pm

Both sessions of this workshop are SOLD OUT!!

Collage 1

This is a fantastic workshop for kids, with artists Libby Dee.

Libby’s facebook page:

Learn the step-by-step process of designing and cutting stencils, using a craft knife and then attaching the image to the screen, ready
to print.

Drag the ink across the screen, using our DIY squeegee, and print onto good quality paper.

Once you learn the technique, you can screenprint again and again, from t-shirts to tote-bags, cushion covers to pencil cases!

Age: 10yrs+ (unsupervised)
Cost: £15 (all materiasl included)

**To Book Your Child’s Place, Email:




Drawing for Kids with Sarah Moorcroft

Wednesday 2nd August, 10am – 12pm


Collage 3

Experiment with the creative interaction of drawing and painting materials, using oil pastels and watercolour resistance, to create
your image.

Sarah will taek your child through a step-by-step process of planning, designing and creating using a variety of mediums and papers.

At the end of the session, each child will have created a mixed media painting, ready to pop into a frame and hang on the wall.

No experience needed.

Age: 8+ (unsupervised)
Cost: £10 (including all materials)

**Booking Your Child’s Place:

Summer Blooms in Wire with Flora Gare

Thursday 3rd August, 10am – 3pm

Collage 2017-07-15 15_46_27

Explore working with fabulous coloured, copper wire to create your own gorgeous summer flower with artist Flora Gare.

Learn how to trace, join and shape the wire from a 2D drawing to a 3D sculpture!

Please feel free to bring an image or a real flower to work from and a small pair of pliers, if you have them.

Age: Adults
Cost: £38 (all materials included)

**To Book Your Place, Email:



DIY Screenprinting for Adults & Teens with Libby Dee

Friday 4th August, 10am – 4pm


Collage 2017-07-04 18_15_56

In this hugely enjoyable workshop with Libby Dee, you will make your own screen using simple, everyday materials.

Once you have designed and created your own stencils, you will then be taught how to print successfully – using your handmade screen.

Take away your screen, so you can continue to develop your skills at home and create artwork for cushions, fabrics, bags, and tops – anything you can get your hands on!

Libby’s Facebook Page:

Age: Adults, Teens & 12yrs+
Cost: £40 (including all materials)

**To Book Your Place, Email:

Silk Painting for Adults with Sarah Moorcroft

Sunday 6th August, 10am – 4pm

Collage 5

This is a wonderful opportunity to spend the day learning how to work with silk, with artist Sarah Moorcroft

You can use a floral theme, or choose your own.

You will learn the design process and practical application of silk painting: plan your design on paper, transfer it to your silk, gutta up the design and allow it to dry.

Finally, paint your silk, having learnt which colours work well together and how to apply them.

Age: Adults
Cost: £45 including all materials

**To Book Your Place, Email:

Children’s Decopatch with Fiona Crook Smith

Monday 7th August, 10am – 12pm

Collage 2017-07-04 18_35_05

Come and join Fiona Crooks Smith, from Rainbows of Newbury, for a morning of Decopatch!

Fiona’s facebook page:

In this workshop, choose to decorate an animal or a capital letter, using papers of your choice.

Decopatch is a fun and funky paper-craft that can be used on just about any rigid surface to jazz up all sorts of bits and pieces.

Using the specialist, glazed tissue paper of many colours and designs and the Decopatch glossy glue, you can create beautiful objects and ornaments.

Age: 6yrs+
Cost: £12 including all materials

**To Book Your Child’s Place, email:



Papercutting with Pie Lady

Wednesday 9th August, 10am – 4pm

Collage 2017-07-04 19_05_26


Come and join this wonderfully unique workshop with Adriana from Pie Lady Papercuts!

Pie Lady’s Facebook page:

You will be given a kit with everything you need, including a craft knife, spare blades, a cutting mat, coloured paper, an exercise sheet and templates of your choice. All of this you can take home with you, as well your own amazing piece of art.

You’ll learn lots of papercutting techniques, as well precision, get advice, tips and tricks of the trade – all in a friendly environment, while we share a cuppa, biscuits and cake! Escape into a little world of paper and possibilities!”

Age: Teens 13+ & Adults
Cost: £40 including al materials

**To Book Your Place, Email:

Create your own Fairy Garden with Donna lewis

Thursday 10th August, 10am – 1pm

X1 place left…

Collage 2017-07-04 19_17_37

Create your very own fairy garden, with artist Donna Lewis,

You will plan, design and create your garden from scratch! Making a mini house, wild flower pot, mosaic path and much more – let your imagination take over!

You will receive lots of tips and step-by-step guidance, on how to get the most out of your container.

**A container will be provided, however, feel free to bring your own unique garden container. You could use an old suitcase, hanging basket, terrocotta pot, wicker basket or wooden box!

Age: 8yrs+ (with adult)
Cost: £15 (including all materials)

**To Book Your Child’s Place, Email:

Chalkfest 2017

Friday 11th August, 10am – 4pm

Collage white border

City Arts Presents: CHALKFEST 2017!!

For the third year running, City Arts will be bringing its Free, Community Event, for all the family, to the heart of Newbury.

Chalkfest is all about joining in, having fun and getting creative with chalk!

For those who cannot sit on the floor, tables will be provided.

~ Date: Friday 11th August
~ Time: 10am – 4pm
~ Location: Newbury Market Square
~ Cost: Free (chalk included)

This year, we have local, independent traders joining us again, including:

~ Sunny Faces –
~ Lusso Ice-cream –
~ Sweets and more –
~ Sweet Treats –

£1 to enter & Register on the Day!
Child Upto 12yrs

Teens 13 – 17yrs

Adults 18+

All Monies Raised Goes Towards The “City Arts Charity Fund”

Bring a sunshade
Lots of Water
Something comfy to sit on


Oil Painting Weekend with Louise Gunnersen

Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th August, 10am – 3pm


An amazing opportunity to work with artist, Louise Gunnersen for the weekend.

Oil painting is not as hard as you might think.

You will paint onto canvas, a subject of your choice. Inspiration for subject matter will be available, however, feel free bring your own images too.

This course is suitable for the complete beginner or those with more experience; your individual creativity will be encouraged in any direction you wish to choose, from realism to abstract.

Age: Adults and GCSE & A Level Students
Cost: £160 (all materials included)

**To Book Your Place, Email:

Lino Printing Made Easy with Karen Carter

Monday 14th August, 10am – 4pm


This workshop, with Karen Carter, was so popular in the spring that we’re running it again!

Learn all the basics of this simple printing process and produce a set of single and multi-colour prints in this structured but relaxed workshop.

We will look at creating a design from your source material, safe linocutting techniques, and printing by hand using a variety of approaches.

No experience necessary…..lots of step-by-step demos & individual help.

Age: Adults
Cost: £38 (including all materials)

**To Book Your Place, Email:




Printing for Kids with Sarah Moorcroft

Tuesday 15th August, 1pm – 3pm


Collage 2017-07-04 20_36_18

An afternoon printing workshop just for kids, with the fabulous Sarah Moorcroft!

Plan and draw up your design using coloured pens and mark making, then transfer to paper. Experiment with different papers, learning about their weights and what the various papers can be used for.

The final printing blocks can be taken home and used again and again, for other colour and paper variations and experiments.

Age: 8yrs+
Cost: £10 (all materials included)

**To Book Your Child’s Place, Email:

World in a Box with Rachel Cheer

Wednesday 16th August, 10am – 12.30pm



This was a very popular workshop last year, so we’re runing it again and we’ve lowered the age, so little ones can get involved too!

During this workshop, you will plan, design and create your very own world in a box, using a variety of materials.

Rachel will take you through a step-by-step process of how to make different backgrounds, structures, animals and plants to create your wonderfully, unique world.

There are no limitations to what you can make in this workshop, other than it has to fit into your box…

Age: 3yrs+ (with adult)
Cost: £8 (all materials included)

**To Book Your Child’s Place, Email:

Ring in a Day with Cathy Newell-Price

Thursday 17th August, 10am – 4pm



A fantastic introduction to jewellery in silver, with artist Cathy Newell-Price.

Cathy’s Facebook page:

During this exciting workshop, you will plan, design and create a wide-band silver ring.

Learn basic jewellery making skills, including texturing and making marks in metals, cutting out using a piercing saw, hammering, bending & shaping silver, joining by silver soldering, finishing and polishing.

You will come away wearing a silver ring that you have made yourself. Tools and materials will be provided.

Age: Adults
Cost: £65 (all materials included)

**To Book Your Place, Email:

Images Transfer onto Tile Coasters with Debbie Taylor

Friday 18th August, 10am – 3pm


A creative and engaging workshop, perfect for family and freinds to do together, with artist Debbie Taylor.

Debbie’s facebook page:

During this informal and fun, one-day workshop you will learn the step-by-step technique of image-transfer, which will result in a beautiful set of six tile coasters.

Your coasters can be used for hot and cold drinks and will be finished with a sealant and backing, so they are ready for you to take home and use – and you can recreate this technique again and again, for any occasion.

Age: Adults, Teens & 8yrs+ (supervised)
Cost: £30 (all materials included)

**To Book Your Place, Email:




Manga Drawing Course for Kids with Donna Lewis

Tuesday 1st, 8th, 15th & Thursday 24th & 31st August

fb cover image

This five week course, with artist Donna Lewis, will cover Manga drawing, techniques and specialist equipment.

*Course Dates:
Tuesday 1st, 8th, 15th August
Thursday 24th & 31st August

This course is designed for beginners and children with experience of drawing.

Each week, we will focus on different features and characters, and then apply these to your work-in-progress.

You will receive step-by-step instructions on how to design and create your characters, with helpful tips along the way.

In the final week, you will create a hand-drawn storyboard, using all of the elements and skills you have acquired during the course.

*As part of the course, you will also receive a City Arts Drawing Pack

~ Age: 10+ (unsupervised)
~ Cost: £100 (including drawing pack)

**Booking Your Child’s Place:
Email Us:


Sketching in the City with Isabel Carmona

Thurday Evening 10th/ 17th/ 31st August, 6.30pm – 8.30pm


‘3 Week Evening Drawing Course with Isabel Carmona’

Dates: Thursday: 10th, 17th, 31st August
Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Cost: £75 (including drawing pack)
Single Sessions: £25 each
Age: Adults

Lose your fear of sketching outdoors by drawing in the company of others.

Explore ways of capturing the atmosphere of the City of Newbury, whilst sketching outdoors. Try out watercolour, pen and ink and mixed media techniques.

During these sessions we will sketch various views of Argyle and Hampton road and record the beauty of the street.
You will receive a sketchbook to collect your drawings.

Materials will be provided for you, however, feel free to bring your own special pack, if at a loss of how to use them and want to experiment with.

**To Book Your Place:

Life Drawing for Art Students & Adults with Louise Gunnersen

Saturday 19th August, 1.30pm – 4.30pm

Collage 2017-07-04 21_05_35

Enjoy a relaxed afternoon, with Louise Gunnersen, working from the ever-interesting and challenging form of the life model.

Some drawing ability is advisable, but complete beginners are very welcome.

The session will begin with some loose, warmup exercises, exploring proportion, composition, shape and perspective – leading to a longer pose.

The session is a group activity, but Louise will also focus on individual needs.

Age: Adults & Art Students 16+
Cost: £30 (all materials included)

**To Book Your Place, Email:

The Art Shed with Rachel Cheer

Sunday 20th August, 10am – 12pm


**The Art Shed is for Everyone**

The Aim of the Session is to:

~ Introduce Youngsters to Art
~ Get Creative and have Fun with Your Kids
~ Expand on Existing Skills & Build Confidence

*During the session, children will have the opportunity to:

~ Draw & Colour
~ Sticky Area
~ Chalk the Wall
~ Make Posters
~ Paint
~ Create a Junk-Art Masterpiece

So, make sure you all **Dress for Mess**

~ Age: All Ages
~ Cost: £1 per child (adults free)
~ Refreshments: £1
~ Drop-in Event (no booking required)

**PLEASE NOTE: You Must Supervise Your Children, At All Times, During the Event**

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