Ceramic Wall Hanging with Clare Mahoney

CeramicWallHanging27 May 2017

Time: 10am to 2pm

Clare Mahoney is a Ceramic Artist, working with surface – breaking up 2D space, abstracting natural forms and fauna, to produce images that strive to capture a twisted tendril or fragile leaf…

The pieces you will be making are wall-mounted ceramic sculptures. The techniques of printmaking are used to illustrate the designs, creating a feeling of layers and elements collaged together.

Clare says: “I love the medium of clay, its impressionability and earthy quality, opening a fresh bag of porcelain never ceases to excite me. “

The Workshop Process:
~ Part of the workshop is a walk, where we collect materials
~ You will make a clay mould of plants, flowers and fauna.
~ You will use the process of ‘press mould porcelain’

We make a plaster and Cornish stone cast of the clay mould. The cast dries quickly and can be taken home that day.

Age: Adults
Cost: £25 (all materials included)

*Booking Your Place, email us: info@cityartsnewbury.co.uk

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