Home is – Sculpture Workshop with Jennifer Forakis

 Tuesday 9th August, 10am – 4pm

Cellophane image examples

We are very excited about this upcoming event!!

Architect Jennifer Forakis will be spending the day teaching a Sculpture Workshop.

The theme is Home is… and the sculptures will be informed by your idea of what shelter means to you.

1. Learn – ‘Home Is…’ …. shelter, safety etc.
2. Structure – Consider what a strong structure might be, build using cups, canes etc.
3. Function – Consider materials, are they waterproof, do you need windows, doors etc.
4. Identity – Make each ‘home’ unique to each person… decorate etc.
5. Community – Add each ‘home’ to the commuity.

You will be working as a team and building your structure using:
~ Bamboo
~ Plastic
~ Paper Cups
~ Rubber Bands

~ Age: Adults, Teens & Children 5yrs+
~ Cost: £5 each (for the whole day)

*PLEASE NOTE: Children must be supervised at all times*

You can Pay on the Door or To Book Your Place, please email: info@cityartsnewbury.co.uk



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