In the first place we would like to convert the building into an art gallery, café and art workshop space: a community-orientated art hub, for use by old and young alike.

We would like to bring the community together in the involvement of the refurbishment of the building and in the eventual use and running of it.

In bringing new life into this building we are also hoping to bring this historic part of the town, originally called  ‘The City’ into the limelight.

collage front

Here are just a couple of the many ideas of what it could become:

  • a private art gallery which will also offer the opportunity to the local schools to project manage exhibitions…
  • a  café where you can enjoy a lovely cup of coffee by a cosy fire
  • meeting space for a book, sewing, knitting or crafts clubs
  • a workshop space for painting, pottery, printing,….and many other classes
  • a hall for evening lectures, used by local societies

creative process

We would love to hear your vision and ideas!

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